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Main Color

The MI color of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea must be printed using separate color printing in principle and the sample color in the manual or the Pantone Color must be the standard. C.M.Y.K of Process Color can be used instead if separate color printing is not available. Especially, for Web usage, CMYK color and RGB color code must be applied separately.

  • Main Color MMCA Black Pantone Black C K100 R0 G0 B0
  • Material Color MMCA Gold Pantone 873C C30 M30 Y60 K10 R168 G153 B110
  • Material silver Pantone 877C K40 R167 G169 B172
MMCA Gwacheon
  • Main Color MMCA GWACHEON Pantone 7724 C C100 M0 Y80 K3 R0 G161 B105
  • Sub 1 Sub 1 MMCA GWACHEON Pantone 346 C C47 M2 Y62 K5
  • Sub 2 Sub 2 MMCA GWACHEON Pantone 7727 C C100 M0 Y80 K20
  • Sub 3 Sub 3 MMCA GWACHEON Pantone 554 C C80 M0 Y63 K67
MMCA Seoul
  • Main Color MMCA Seoul Pantone 7619 C C0 M10 Y85 K85 R220 G77 B58
  • Sub 1 Sub 1 MMCA SEOUL Pantone 7416 C C0 M68 Y58 K3
  • Sub 2 Sub 2 MMCA SEOUL Pantone 7620 C C0 M95 Y100 K30
  • Sub 3 Sub 3 MMCA SEOUL Pantone 7623 C C0 M90 Y100 K60
MMCA Deoksugung
  • Main Color MMCA Deoksugung Pantone 7647 C C31 M90 Y35 K0
  • Sub 1 Sub 1 MMCA Deoksugung Pantone 7655 C C5 M65 Y0 K23
  • Sub 2 Sub 2 MMCA Deoksugung Pantone 7649 C C5 M100 Y0 K48
  • Sub 3 Sub 3 MMCA Deoksugung Pantone 7650 C C5 M100 Y0 K64
MMCA Cheongju
  • Main Color MMCA Cheongju Pantone 646 C C75 M35 Y10 K0 R61 G140 B188
  • Sub 1 Sub 1 MMCA Cheongju Pantone 291 C C40 M0 Y5 K5
  • Sub 2 Sub 2 MMCA Cheongju Pantone 647 C C83 M48 Y20 K16
  • Sub 3 Sub 3 MMCA Cheongju Pantone 648 C C83 M48 Y20 K45