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  • Exhibition Only(30,000KRW) Exhibition Only(30,000KRW)
  • Standard(50,000KRW)Standard(50,000KRW)
  • Special(100,000KRW)Special(100,000KRW)
One year free admission (MMCA Gwacheon, Seoul and Deoksugung)
  • Not applicable to exhibitions co-hosted with an external organization.
  • Entrance to Deoksugung Palace requires separate entrance fee
Discount offers
  • Museum-wide discounts and Museum Shop (Refer to "Discounts&Offers" category)
Parking fee
  • Free parking for 1 hour(MMCA Seoul) and 2hours(MMCA Gwacheon)
e-Newsletter subscription
  • Itineraries of exhibitions, lectures and events
Free admission with one guest (MMCA Gwacheon, Seoul and Deoksugung)
  • Entrance to Deoksugung Palace requires separate entrance fee
Members-only programs
  • Gallery Tour & Curator's Talk
  • Lectures (for adult, for children)
  • Invitation for cultural events
Free parking (MMCA Seoul)
  • Standard: 3 coupons / Special: 10 coupons
    ※bring the membership card
Audio Guide
  • Standard: 1,000KRW off / Special: Free
    ※once a day, Members-only
Free access to membership Lounge (MMCA Seoul) - For Special members only
(Membership Lounge for special members is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.)
    ※ once a day, Members & one guest(refer to the "Lounge" category)