Maintenance for Art Conservation

In terms of preservation of the collection, in order to maintain the good conditions of them, they need to be checked regularly from the moment when they are created, or from when they are displayed. In other words, the best way is to prevent severe damages before they happen, as in human case, we prevent disease before we get sick. However, the collection must be inspected and treated by professionals as soon as minor damages are found or they are about to be damaged.

Prints, drawings, etc.

The way to maintain them is similar to that for the Korean paintings. Especially they must be checked for the sign of paper oxidation, which is the color changing into yellow from the paper edge. If paper oxidation is already in progress, the item must be stored in a place with proper temperature and humidity and without strong light, after preservation treatment according to the diagnosis of the professional. It is prohibited from using cellophane tape in a state that they are mounted at a frame and they need to be checked whether there is dust or moisture on the inside of the glass.


The way to manage them is similar to what mentioned above. A dark environment with low humidity and temperature is desirable especially for the conservation and management of photographs.