Conservation Examples

Management methods for the preservation of art works

In terms of preservation of the collection, in order to maintain the good conditions of them, they need to be checked regularly from the moment when they are created, or from when they are displayed. In other words, the best way is to prevent severe damages before they happen, as in human case, we prevent disease before we get sick. However, the collection must be inspected and treated by professionals as soon as minor damages are found or they are about to be damaged.

<Youngmodo> by Choi Woo-seok (1956)

A work on silk, Choi’s <Youngmodo> was contaminated in general, with overall dispersion of yellowish spots and partial exfoliation of color. The structure was unstable as the connecting joints of the folding screen were damaged, and the covering silk was peeling off and stained. The painting layers were reinforced with glue, and in order to stabilize the structure of the work, it underwent through the process of wet cleaning and was remounted.

Before and After Restoration
  • Before Restoration Before Restoration
  • After Restoration After Restoration

Conservation Work

1. Condition of the work before restoration (photographic and written record)
  • Before Restoration Before Restoration
  • Yellow wish spots Yellow wish spots
  • Damaged silk mounting Damaged silk mounting
2. Stabilization of color layers and removing backing paper - Glue was applied to stabilize the color layers, and oxidized backing paper was removed
  • Stabilizing color Stabilizing color
  • Removing backing Removing backing
3. Lining - Lining work with Korean paper and weat starch glue
  • Lining Lining
4. Filling the missing parts - Missing part is filled with similar color and material
  • Before filling Before filling
  • After filling After filling
5. Mounting - Folding screen mounting
  • Constructing folding screen frame Constructing folding screen frame
  • Mounting silk lining Mounting silk lining
6. After restoration (photographic and written record) - Folding screen mounting
  • Whole work after restoration Whole work after restoration
  • Detail of the work after restoration Detail of the work after restoration