Happy New Year to all our friends and supporters.

Since its opening in 1969, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA), has stood by the history and progress of Korean contemporary art, securing its footing as a cultural institution representative of Korea.

With the opening of MMCA Gwacheon in 1986 and additional opening of venues in Deoksugung, Seoul, and Cheongju in 1998, 2013, and 2018, respectively, the MMCA has established a four-museum system within which the four venues interact organically with one another while retaining their individual identities: MMCA Deoksugung as a museum specializing in extensive genres of Korean modern art including calligraphy and literature; MMCA Seoul as the face of Korean contemporary art and a central exhibition space for the latest artworks; MMCA Gwacheon as a research and family-oriented space with a children's museum dedicated to broadening the terrain of art history to the fields of architecture, craft, print, and design; and MMCA Cheongju as a museum in charge of the virtuous circle of artworks' life from collection and research to conservation and exhibition.

This year, with the past 50 years of history as its basis, the MMCA will gather and converge various opinions from the art world to take a new leap into the next 50 years.
We will serve as the hub and incubator of artistic discourses for experts and as the cradle of interesting and meaningful exhibitions rooted in art history to offer creative education for the public.

The MMCA will continue to greet you as a friendly, open, enjoyable, and well-curated museum.

Thank you.

Youn Bummo, director of the MMCA