Greetings everyone,

Since opening its doors in 1969, The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art(MMCA) lived through the history and path of Korean modern arts, and has settled down as a representative culture space of South Korea.

MMCA opened four branches; Gwacheon in 1986, Deoksugung in 1998, Seoul in 2013 and Cheongju in 2018, all showing its own unique color.

MMCA Gwacheon provides rest and refreshment within nature showing various genres of visual arts including architecture, design and crafts. MMCA Deoksugung shows modern art that lies within history from Korea and overseas. MMCA Seoul introduces contemporary art and MMCA Cheongju collects, preserves, studies, exhibits, and educates art in Cheongju, the cradle of artwork collection and preservation. The branches of MMCA will leap as a cultural platform that allows composition art, science, humanities and other various studies to communicate with modern art.

Especially, this year is the 50th anniversary of MMCA's opening. Through the accumulated 50-year-history of MMCA, we wish to gather the opinions of the art scene and provide a stronghold of art for professionals, as well as a place for exhibition and education on art history for citizens.

A museum like your neighborhood! A museum that is friendly and open! Would you be the center of this systematic and fun museum?

Thank you.

National Museum of Modern Contemporary Art, Korea
Bummo Youn