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※ Museum is closed on January 1st, Lunar New Year's Day, Korean Thanksgiving Day



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※ Times in bold are only for Saturdays and last Wednesday every month.

※ The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, adheres to license plate number restriction system in parking, in order to contribute to reducing of energy (effective from June 12th, 2006)

면제 및 할인안내

※ 주차권 발급시간부터 20분 이내 출차 시 무료

※ 주 공무차량 : 관용차, 공무 수행 차량, 미술관 초청인사, 전시 참여작가, 회의 참석자, 초빙 강사, 심사위원, 언론홍보 차량 등