2018.09.20 Seoul

Dear Cinema 4 Artist Talk 4. Kwang-Ju Son (28, Sep)

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Dear Cinema 4 

Artist Talk 4. Kwang-Ju Son

Date | Friday, 28 September, 16:30–18:00p.m.

Venue | MMCA Film & Video

About the Artist

Kwang-Ju Son makes films for both the cinema and the gallery, embracing a wide range of modes of filmmaking such as fiction, experimental, documentary and installation. With fear rooted in linear time, she experiments with narrative and time attempting to explore a self-portrait in the present moment by an effort that restructures the conceptual schema. Since The Third Tongue(2003), she has presented her varied projects of film and video at diverse venues and international film festivals: Arko Art Center(2016), Swatch Faces 2015 (2015), IFFRotterdam (2011, 2007, 2005), IDFA(2007), International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (2005), IDFA (2007), BIFF (2008, 2004, 2003) and JIFF (2011, 2008, 2007).

ⓒ Kwang-Ju Son, Image Courtesy of the Artist

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