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MMCA operates Art Research Center(Gwacheon), and Digital Library & Archives(Seoul) for the purpose of researching and understanding modern and contemporary art in Korea and the regions of Asia. Art Research Center and Digital Library & Archives not only collect, manage, and preserve art books and various kinds of art archives, but offers public access to them.

Archive & Library

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MMCA serves as a research platform for art professionals and conducts academic research through various public programs MMCA produces artistic knowledge and discourse with contemplation on the importance and the use of writings in art, and aims to develop a new topography of Korean contemporary art.

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MMCA Residency was founded in Changdong, Seoul in 2002 and in Goyang, Gyeonggi in 2004, to serve as a platform for creative discourses and to promote Korean Art globally. The artists in residence, selected through various residency programs, are able to experiment and explore new possibilities in a productive work environment. In addition, MMCA Residency has built global networks by partnering with leading residencies around the world and facilitated exchanges between artists and professionals, including curators and scholars from various fields, to expand the horizon of artists’ practice.

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Art conservation and restoration is the process of preserving the life of artwork and, when damaged, returning the work as close as possible to its original state. This process relies heavily on a strong scientific understanding - chemistry in particular - as well as a sound knowledge of art history. As contemporary art is particularly difficult to preserve with traditional conservation method, what is required is a change in the objective and meaning in art conservation and restoration.

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MMCA produces specialized contents focusing on Korean art and makes them accessible to the general public. MMCA publishes exhibition catalogs, academic periodicals including Journal of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Conservation of Art, and research publications, for the purpose of sharing in-depth research studies with worldwide researchers.

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