크리스 쉔, 영국

테크놀로지와 예술이 교차하는 지점에서 크리스 쉔(1988 영국 출생)은 기술과 커뮤니케이션을 다루는 새로운 형태의 언어를 꿈꾼다. 사람들이 테크놀로지를 사용하는 방식의 기본 원리와 복잡한 구조의 도구들이 일상생활에 미치는 영향을 탐색하며 작업을 진행해왔다.

"나의 작업은 일련의 개방형 질문들이며, 일상 속 기술들이 어떻게 우리의 삶 속에 스며들어있는지에 대한 이해를 불러일으키고자 한다."

Operating at the intersection between technology and art, Chris Shen (b. 1988, UK) pursues to re-imagine the language of technology and communication. He utilizes basic principles of how technology works to highlight the ways we use them and the impact these complex tools have on our everyday life.

"My work is a series of open ended questions, intended to stir the understanding of how everyday technology integrates into our lives."


  • Education:
    2011: Onedotzero Cascade graduate.
    2008 – 2011: London College of Communication. BA (Hons) Digital Media Design.
    2007 – 2008: Stockport College. Diploma in Foundation Studies - Art and Design.
    2005 – 2007: Aquinas College. Film Studies, Design and Technology, Business Studies, Computing.

    2015: Lume (Auto), Pier-2 Arts Centre [Taiwan]
    2015: HKG Transit, Videotage [Hong Kong]
    2015: Spectra.009, Wontonmeen [Hong Kong]
    2014: INFRA, Athens Video Art Festival [Greece]
    2014: Spectra.002-005, Protein [UK]
    2014: In The Wild, #dotdotdot, BL_NK [UK]
    2014: Spectra.001, Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art [UK]
    2013: Rastrum, Victoria & Albert Museum [UK]
    2013: INFRA, video_dumbo, Eyebeam Art + Technology Centre [USA]
    2013: INFRA (Solo Show), Future Everything [UK]
    2013: INFRA (Solo Show), 18 Hewett St Gallery [UK]
    2012: Stampede Me, London Short Film Festival [UK]
    2011: Look at Yourself, BBC Music Video Festival [UK]
    2011: Stampede Me, Open, New Gallery, London [UK]
    2011: Luma, London College of Communication [UK]
    2008: Chroma-Lapse, Stockport College [UK]

    2015: Pier-2 Arts Centre, Taiwan
    2015: Videotage, Fuse Residency, Hong Kong

    2013: Dazed Digital
    2013: Post New
    2013: We Heart
    2011: Young director award

    Selected Press:
    2014: PSFK
    2013: The Discovery Channel (Canada)
    2013: 032c Magazine
    2013: Wirtualna Polska
    2013: The Verge
    2013: Boing Boing
    2013: The Creators Project
    2013: Co.Design
    2013: Timeout London
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