Artists in Residence


Choi Taehoon, Korea

최태훈은 서울시립대학교 환경조각학과를 졸업하고 동대학원을 수료했다. 신자유주의가 제공하는 환상과
현실사이의 거리감을 가시화하고자 작품과 제품사이의 관계를 탐구하고 모델을 제시한다. 아트스페이스 풀《 풀이
선다》(2015), 북서울시립미술관《 팔로우 미(八路友美)》(2014), 사비나미술관《아티스트 포트폴리오》(2015),
난지미술전시실《 Heavy Habit》(2014)등 다수의 전시에 참여하였고, 난지창작스튜디오(2013-2014) 입주
작가로 활동했다.
CHOI Taehoon studied Environmental Sculpture at University of Seoul for his bachelor’s and the master’s
degrees. He explores relationships between an art piece and a manufactured good to expose
the distance between fantasy and reality in terms of neoliberalism. CHOI has been in a part of various
exhibitions such as《Grass Stands》(2015) at Art Space Pool,《 Follow Me(八路友美)》(2014) at Buk
Seoul Museum or Art,《Artist Portfolio》(2015) at Savina Museum, and《 Heavy Habit》(2014) at Nanji
Art Gallery, etc. He has worked as a resident artist in SeMA Nanji Residency in 2013 and 2014.


Basic Information
  • Choi Taehoon
  • Period : 2016.03.17 ~ 2017.02.17
  • Education
    2009 B.F.A. Environmental Sculpture, University of Seoul, Korea

    2015 ‘Standing Pool’- Art space Pool, Seoul, Korea
    2015 ‘Artist portfolio’- Savina museum, Seoul, Korea
    2014 ‘Follow me’- Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
    2014 ‘Heavy Habit’- SeMA Nanji Exhibition Hall, Seoul, Korea
    2014 ‘Art Gesture’- SeMA Nanji Exhibition Hall, Seoul, Korea
    2014 ‘A Wise Answer to a Silly Question- Kunstdoc Gallery, Seoul, Korea