Artists in Residence


AN Yuri , Korea

안유리는 장소에 살았던 사라진 말과 이야기들에 대해 관심을 갖는다. 대상을 재현하여 물성에 박제하기보다, 지금, 이곳의 시공간으로 불러내어 지켜보는 것을 선호한다. 때문에 텍스트, 비디오, 사운드처럼 시공간의 이동이 자유로운 매체에 담아 작품을 표현한다. 2016년부터 코리안 디아스포라 프로젝트를 진행하고 있다.
개인전 《추수할 수 없는 바다》(아트 스페이스 풀, 서울, 2015), 《항해하는 말들》(청주미술창작스튜디오, 청주, 2015), 《돌아오지 않는 강》(서교예술실험센터, 서울, 2016)을 비롯하여 《Neo Geography 1》(뉴샤텔 예술센터, 뉴샤텔, 스위스, 2017), 《Neo Geography 2》(탈영역 우정국, 서울, 2017) 등 다수의 그룹전에 참여하였다.

Yuri AN is interested in the disappeared words and stories that once lived in places. Instead of recreating and giving the subjects physical properties, the artist prefers to recall them to the current time and space, and to observe. As a result, she uses media that are free from time and space: via text, video, and sound. Ever since 2016, AN has been involved in a Korean diaspora project. Her solo exhibitions include 《The Unharvested Sea》(Art Space Pool, Seoul, 2015), 《Sailing Words》(Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, 2015), and 《River of No Return》(Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul, 2016). In addition, AN participated in group exhibitions 《Neo Geography 1》(Centre d'art Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 2017) and 《Neo Geography 2》(Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul, 2017) among others.


Basic Information
  • 2014 Gerrit Rietveld Academie VAV(Audio-Visual)
  • Solo Exhibitions
    2016 River of No Return, Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul
    2015 Sailing Words, Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju
    2015 The Unharvested Sea, Art Space Pool, Seoul

    Selected Group Exhibitions
    2017 Endless Night, Daecheong Ho Museum of Art, Cheongju
    2017 Neo Geography 2, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul
    2017 Neo Geography 1, CAN(Centre d'art Neuchâtel), Neuchâtel, Switzerland
    2017 2017 Pool Rising, Art Space Pool, Seoul
    2017 GongXi,GongXi 2017 ; 朋友的力量, Vostock, Seoul
    2016 99℃ Showcase Exhibition, Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul
    2016 38th Joongang Finearts Artist, Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul
    2016 Free Space, Schema Art Museum, Cheongju
    2016 24 Night, 25th Day, Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju
    2015 Screening & Talk, Body Languages, Script Inventors: World Script Symposia 2015, CineCode Sonje, Seoul
    2015 The Power of Art, 2F The Tumen River Art Centre, Tumen City Jilin Province, China
    2014 [S]elected Show, Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam
    2014 Constant Companion, the Oud Kerk, Amsterdam
    2013 Beurs van Kleine Uitgevers 2013, Paradiso, Amsterdam
    2013 The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013, Tokyo
    2011 The 3rd Unlimited Edition, Organized by YOUR MIND and PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, Seoul
    2011 ABOUT BOOKS: INDEPENDENT BOOK MARKET, Organized by KT&G SangsangMadang Gallery, Seoul
    2005 The 3rd Asiana International Short Film Festival, Seoul

    2016 38th Joongang Finearts Artist, Joongang Ilbo, Seoul
    2016 Art Support Program 99℃, Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul
    2015 Emerging Artists, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
    2015 Artist in Residency, Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju
    2014 The Nominees in the Category of Thesis of GRA Awards, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam