02Terms & Conditions

Chapter 1 General Provisions
Article 1 (Purpose)
This Agreement shall stipulate conditions and procedures to use all services that the Site of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, provides (hereinafter, the “Service”), rights, responsibilities, duties, etc.
Article 2 (Effects and Modification of the Agreement)
  1. 1. If members agree to this agreement, this agreement will be applied to in priority for the supply of service by MMCA and the use of service by members at the site of MMCA.
  2. 2. This Agreement may be modified without notice. Such modification shall be informed on the site or via e-mail to members, upon which the effect will take place immediately. If members do not agree to the revised agreement, they may cancel their membership registration (Withdrawal). Their continuous usage of the membership will be considered as their agreement to the revision.
Article 3 (Regulations besides the Agreement)
  1. When the matters are not specified in the agreement are stipulated in the related law, Personal Information Protection Act, the Telecommunications Basic Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, and other related laws are applicable.
Article 4 (Definition of Terms)

The terms used in this agreement are defined as follows.

  1. 1. User: Person who receives service provided by MMCA site according to the agreement
  2. 2. Subscription: Act of entering appropriate information in the application provided by the site and completing usage contract for service by consent to this agreement
  3. 3. Member: Any person who provided the personal information and registered as a member of the MMCA, can use the service on the website served by MMCA
  4. 4. Password: series of letters and numbers decided by members for protecting their online privacy and checking accordance with their ID.
  5. 5. Withdrawal (Termination): Act of terminating usage contract
Chapter 2 Provision and Use of Service
Article 5 (Approving Usage Contract)
  1. 1. This Agreement shall be approved by the user subscribing his/her personal information in the form provided by the MMCA on the member information screen.
  2. 2. MMCA shall cancel the subscription under any of the following conditions.
    1. 1) When applied using another person's name
    2. 2) When an applicant has written false information on the application form
    3. 3) Obstructing others’ usage of the services of this site or peculating the information provided
    4. 4) Acting to be forbidden by the law or this agreement using this site
    5. 5) Unfulfilling membership conditions designated by this site
  3. 3. MMCA can reserve to completing this usage contract until the following terms are resolved.
    1. 1) When there is not enough capacity for related services
    2. 2) When there are technical issues
Article 6 (Agreement on Usage of Membership Information)
  1. 1. Membership information is protected by laws regarding personal information protection.
  2. 2. Membership information of MMCA site is used, managed and protected according to the following procedures.
    1. 1) Usage of personal information: personal information collected for service provision by the MMCA will not be disclosed or be distributed to a third party without an approval of the member. But there are exceptions when there is a request by a governmental organization according to the Act of Telecommunication, a request for criminal inspection, a request from the Information and Communication Ethics Committee or a request according to procedures stipulated by other related laws, and openness of their personal information that members provided to the site of the MMCA by themselves.
    2. 2) Personal information management: members can change/delete their personal information at any time by the personal information management service for protecting and managing their information.
    3. 3) Personal information protection: personal information can only be viewed/ modified/ deleted by ID and password of corresponding members. Thus, members must not disclose their ID and password to others, and must log out and close the screen of web browser after usage.
  3. 3. Application to usage of this site with agreeing to the agreement is assumed as you agree for MMCA to collect and use your membership information.
Article 7 (Information Security of Users)
  1. 1. Members are fully responsible to maintain the entered information when they complete the registration procedure of the MMCA website. All consequences of using ID and password belong to members themselves.
  2. 2. Members are fully responsible to manage ID and password. When members discover the improper usage of his/her ID and password, they must immediately report to the site of MMCA. All responsibility as not reporting this belongs to members themselves.
  3. 3. Members must log out when closing usage of MMCA service. Responsibility for any damages or loss caused by a member’s incorrect closing does not belong to MMCA website.
Article 8 (Service Usage)
  1. 1. Service is always provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year except when service interruption occurs, which is unavoidable due to business or technical issues of MMCA.
  2. 2. Regular updates designated by the site are excluded from the service hours shown in clause 1.
Article 9 (Posted Materials of Members)

MMCA may delete posted materials without prior notification when members commit the following actions.

  1. 1. If members defame the honor of another member or a third party by using slander or libel.
  2. 2. If activities counter to public morals and order
  3. 3. If members Infringe intellectual property rights of MMCA or a third party
  4. 4. If the post period exceed the term defined by MMCA
  5. 5. If members list articles including false and commercial contents
  6. 6. If members post identical contents repeatedly
  7. 7. If contents violate other relevant laws or regulations
Article 10 (Copyright of Posted Materials)

A member shall not use information provided by the Service of MMCA for a commercial purpose, including rearrangement or sale of the materials from MMCA site.

Article 11 (Notification to members)

MMCA may delete it without prior notice when content posted or registered by a member is under the following conditions,

  1. 1. If MMCA notifies members, MMCA may use the e-mail address they submitted.
  2. 2. When MMCA notifies to unspecific majority, MMCA may replace individual notifications with a posting notice in the announcements section of the service for over one week
Chapter 3 Withdrawal of Membership and Disqualification
Article 12 (Withdrawal of Membership)
  1. 1. The member may request MMCA to be withdrawn from membership at any time through MY PAGE menu in the homepage, in which case MMCA will process the request immediately by related law.
  2. 2. When the member terminates the contract, integrated posts registered in the individual account among the articles that member has created are deleted, and the service must be logged will not be available anymore. (Example: My Page, Education Application, Reservation, bulletin board, etc.)
  3. 3. However, requests and Q & A are not deleted.
Article 13 (Disqualification of Membership)

MMCA may terminate or suspend membership, if a member conducts one of the following activities,

  1. 1. If provide false information of the membership application
  2. 2. If related to criminal activities
  3. 3. If another person's ID or password is misused.
  4. 4. If interfere with the operation of MMCA’s service
  5. 5. If apply for the purposes of undermining public order and morals of the society
  6. 6. If defame or otherwise bringing harm to others
Chapter 4 Booking Service and Cancellation
Article 14 (Booking Service)
  1. 1. MMCA site provides a booking service. Reservation time will differ from the choice of the using booking service. Only credit cards are available. This shall be subject to provisions in the Home Page Guide of MMCA. The modification of policies regarding booking service shall take effect by sending e-mails or publication on a pop-up window.
  2. 2. MMCA Site shall keep the records of members’ usage regarding booking service on “MY PAGE”.
Article 15 (Booking Fee)

MMCA site does not impose any fee on booking services. The policy on booking service fee shall be modified after notifying members.

Article 16 (Notification of Reception)
  1. 1. MMCA site shall notify the confirmation if members apply to this service.
  2. 2. Users may cancel their purchase after they find discrepancy on the confirmation of reception.
Article 17 (Cancellation and Refund)
  1. 1. Cancellation or refund is available on the MMCA site or by in-person. Cancellation is allowed by 5 pm on the day for the admission ticket (Special Exhibition and Theater). Cancellation isn’t allowed after above due time.
  2. 2. Process and date of refund may differ according to the time of cancellation and refund treatment policy of each credit company. Concerned matters related with such refund are recommended to contact directly each relevant credit card company.
  3. 3. Partial cancellation on internet is not allowed. (change of people number or units, etc.) It needs to be booked again after the whole cancellation.
Chapter 5 Miscellaneous
Article 18 (Rights)
  1. 1. MMCA has the right about providing services and necessary software, images, marks, logos, design, service names, intellectual properties related to information and trademarks, and other rights.
  2. 2. Users are not allowed to modify, loan, lend, sell, distribute, produce, transfer, re-license, set security rights or make commercial actions on entire or partial property except for explicit approval from MMCA and to give permission to do so to third parties.
Article 19 (Prohibition of Conveyance)

Members are prohibited from granting or conveying service usage rights, and other related rights in the agreement.

Article 20 (Compensation for Damage)

MMCA does not take responsibility for any damages of members regarding the services provided by MMCA for free except for criminal act of MMCA.

Article 21 (Exemption Clause)
  1. 1.MMCA is not responsible for conviction or representativeness about any opinions or information expressed at the service, and this site will not grant, oppose or adjust any opinions expressed by third persons. MMCA is not responsible for profits or losses of members by relying on the information in this service.
  2. 2. MMCA has no responsibilities for trade or money transaction between members or with third parties using this site and any expectation related with using services.
Article 22 (Competent Court)

If a lawsuit arises out of service use, a court defined by the law will act as a competent court.

Supplementary Provision

(Effective Date) The agreement takes effect from April 15, 2009. This Agreement shall apply when the user subscribes to a membership simultaneously.

Privacy Policy

1. Collection and Possession of Personal Information

1) All personal information maintained by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea will be collected and possessed pursuant to relevant regulations or to consent from the information owners. The MMCA shall handle personal information as follows.

Department of Development
Department of Development Title of personal information files table
Title of personal information files Website Membership
Contents Sign-in ID, password, name, date of birth, postal address, contact information (number), cell phone number, e-mail
Purpose Member management
Basis for information preservation An agreement on the use of services
Period of preservation 2 years(expires along with the cease of the membership))

Disclosure of registration matters of personal information from MMCA file Safety Administration Privacy comprehensive support portal ( → individual complaint information → required inspection of personal information → personal information list browser menu

2) The information collected and saved automatically

  • The following information will be collected and saved automatically to analyzing statistics for improvement and supplement of the Home Page and to communicate between users and the website.
    • Domain name of your internet server and addresses of websites that you pass through and visiting time, etc.
    • The user's browser type and OS

3) Retaining personal information stipulated in the relevant laws MMCA possesses all personal information within the period for retaining personal information stipulated in the relevant laws if necessary and shall not use it for any other purpose.

4) Questionnaire for Personal Information Files

Possessing Team table
Possessing Team Name of Personal Information File Contact
E-mail Address
Department of Development Website Membership 82-2-2188-6101
(82-2-2188-6161) MMCA,313 Gwangmyeong-ro,Gwacheon-si,Gyeonggi-do, 13829, Korea
Department of Education & Residency Program Residency Website Membership 82-2-2188-6217(82-2-2188-6130)
Internship Directory 82-2-2188-6217(82-2-2188-6130)
Volunteer Directory 82-2-2188-6064(82-2-2188-6130)
Office of Administration Image data processing equipment 82-2-2188-6112(82-2-2188-6200)

MMCA efforts to prevent the infringement based on the relevant laws and regulations of personal information. However, please note that there could be some exposure partially on the basis of the relevant laws and regulations.

2. Use and Provision of Personal Information
  1. 1) Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party
    • Organizations cannot provide personal information provided by the MMCA to other agencies without the consent of MMCA.
    • MMCA provides the following personal information to other agencies under the above regulations and other individual regulations.
      Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party table
      Name of Personal Information File Agencies Purpose Contents Period
      Private lenders and copyright holders File Those who want to use an image To make a work book during art rental Contact number Immediate delete after making a work book
      Volunteer Directory Gwacheon-si Volunteer Center Enter the hours of individual volunteer activities Name, Date of birth,contents, hours Delete immediately after entering the 1365 system
    • MMCA shall not handle personal information beyond the extent informed or agreed and provide or disclose it to a third party. However, the cases of provision of information by the law or permitted extent of other laws are allowed.
  2. 2) Entrustment of Handling of Personal Information
    • When signing an entrustment contract with other public organization or other specialized organization, MMCA shall make them comply with the necessary limitation or procedures according to Article 26 (Restrictions on Management of Personal Information Following Entrustment of Affairs) and inspect actual conditions.
  3. 3) Limitation on Use and Provision of Personal Information
    • MMCA’s personal information is strictly limited on use and provision. Article 18 (Restrictions on Use and Provision) of Personal Information Protection Act provides the guidelines as follows
      1. (1) Where he/she has obtained the consent of a subject of information
      2. (2) Where special provisions exist in any other Act
      3. (3) Where it is deemed obviously necessary for physical safety and property interests of a subject of information or a third person when the subject of information or his/her legal representative cannot give prior consent as he/she is unable to express his/her intention or by reason of his/her unidentified address, etc.
      4. (4) Where personal information is necessary for compiling statistics, or scientific research purposes, etc., and the personal information is provided in a form by which a specific individual cannot be identified
      5. (5) Where using personal information for any purpose other than the intended purpose or a failure to provide a third person with such information makes it impossible to perform affairs provided for in any other Act, and this has undergone deliberation and resolution by the Protection Committee
      6. (6) Where it is necessary for providing a foreign government or international organization with personal information in order to implement a treaty or any other international agreement
      7. (7) Where it is necessary for investigating a crime, and instituting and sustaining a public prosecution
      8. (8) Where it is necessary for a court to perform its judicial affairs
      9. (9) Where it is necessary for executing a punishment, care and custody or protective disposition.
3. Removal of contents

The MMCA removes the provided information without haste when the purpose of collecting personal information is achieved. The process and the means of the removal are as follows.

  1. 1) The process of the removal
    • For the protection of privacy, information provided by users to register membership, etc is to be deleted after a certain period of sustainment for the purpose of information protection stipulated in the internal policies and related laws.
    • The personal information is not used for other purposes except retention based on the law.
  2. 2) The means of the removal
    • As for information printed on paper, MMCA uses paper cutters or destroy them by fire.
    • As for digitized files, MMCA uses technical method to irreversibly delete the data.
4. Rights of information providers

Providers of personal information can claim their rights with regard to the protection of their personal information according to the Personal Information Protection Act Chapter 5.

  1. 1) Accessing provided personal information
  2. 2) Rectifying provided information and removing it from the website
  3. 3) Stopping the provision of personal information
  4. 4) Method and processes for claiming the rights
  5. 5) Liability to compensate for damage
5. Inspection, Correction, Deletion, and Suspension of Personal information

A subject of information may request inspection, correction, deletion, and suspension of personal information according to the Personal Information Protection Act Article 35 (Inspection of Personal Information), Article 36 (Correction or Deletion of Personal Information), and Article 37 (Suspension, etc. from Managing Personal Information).

Inspection, Correction, Deletion, and Suspension of Personal information table
Access place MMCA Department of Development
Process to request access Request in person to department of personal information or "Privacy Information Protection Portal" ( Complaint of personal information →Request for inspection of personal information and etc. (public I-Pin real name authentication)
  1. 1) Request for Reading of Personal Information Files

    Members have the right to access to their own information pursuant to according to the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant regulations as following.

    Request: Requesting Person (Information Subject) / Request by Form / Head of Possessing Agency / Decision to be Sent within 5 days / Within 10 days after Request / Access

    - Access may be restricted at any event of the followings pursuant to Article 35 (4) of the Act.

    1. (1) Where an inspection is prohibited or restricted by Acts
    2. (2) Where it is apprehended that any third person's life and body may be harmed or any third person's property and other interests may be unduly infringed on
    3. (3) Where a public institution causes any inconvenience while carrying out any of the following affairs
      1. (a) Affairs concerning the imposition, collection or refund of taxes
      2. (b) Affairs concerning grade evaluation or the selection of newly enrolled students at schools of each level under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Higher Education Act, lifelong education centers under the Lifelong Education Act, and other higher education institutions established under other Acts
      3. (c) Affairs concerning tests of academic ability, functions and employment, and qualification evaluation
      4. (d) Affairs concerning an assessment or decision in progress in connection with the calculation, etc. of compensation or benefits
      5. (e) Affairs concerning an audit and an investigation in progress under other Acts.
  2. 2) Request correction, deletion, and treatment cessation of personal information

    Members who have the right to access to their own information can request correction, deletion, or treatment cessation to the manager of personal information. However if the personal information is specified in the collection target in other laws and regulations, you will not be able to request the deletion. The process is as follows.
    Request: Requesting Person (Information Subject) / Request by Form / Head of Possessing Agency / Decision to be Sent within 10days

6. Reporting infringements

Any person, who is damaged to their rights or interests damaged by treatment such as disclosure of personal information or the collection, use, offer, commission of personal information without the consent of the information subject, or not in accordance with the law while using the web site is able to report in the following way.

Submission of Appeal/submitting via the website or visiting in person/corresponding organization

  • Investment infringement fact/Check infringement, Visiting and research infringement organization/register book
  • Processing/ Provisional Remedy/Remedy report
  • Announcement of result/report to claimant and Minister of Security and Public Administration/ result letter of notification

In the event of an infringement of an information subject's personal information, a complaint may be submitted to the Personal Information Infringement Report Center of the Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA) of Minister of Security and Public Administration (, Tel : 118) according to Personal Information Protection Act Article 62 (Reporting, etc. Facts of Infringements).

7. Administrative and technical Measures for Personal Information

MMCA maintains administrative and technical safeguards to protect against unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration or destruction of the personal information you submitted.

  1. 1) Codification of Password Passwords are codified in cipher so that the providers might be only people who can manage their own personal information for themselves.
  2. 2) Measures taken against hacking etc. MMCA tries to protect personal information from hackers or computer viruses. The latest vaccine program is used so as not to damage or leakage materials and personal information, and it can secure transmission of personal information on the network through encrypted communication. Proper measures shall be taken to protect the personal information processing system from intrusion by unauthorized parties, using an intruder detection system.
  3. 3) Education and minimum of employees responsible for handling personal information MMCA restricts access to personal information to the employees working as the staffs who need to know that information regularly renewed in order to process it and shall attend mandatory educational sessions on the relevant regulations.
  4. 4) Management of specialized personal information protection departmentMMCA tries to correct the problems immediately by frequently checking the compliance Privacy Policy and observation of the persons of charge. However, MMCA has no responsibility for problems derived from personal carelessness of the user or on the Internet information such as user ID, and password.
8. Relief from Infringement of Rights

The personal information subject can request relief from personal information infringement and counseling. Please contact Institutions below as separate organizations from MMCA, if you need more help or not satisfied with the results from MMCA.

  1. 1) Cyberprivacy Center: Appeal of personal information infringement, Consultation application
    • Website:
    • Contact Number: 118
    • Postal Address: KISA CYBERPRIVACY Center, Jungdaero 135, Songpa-gu, Seoul 138-950
  2. 2) Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee: Personal information dispute mediation application, group conflict adjustment (civil settlement)
    • Website:
    • Contact Numebr: 82-2-405-4710
    • Postal Address: Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee, Jungdaero 135, Songpa-gu, Seoul 138-950
  3. 3) Cyber Crimes Investigators (Supreme Prosecutor’s Office)
  4. 4) Cyber Terror Response Center
9. Contact Information of Personal Information Protection Officer
  • MMCA Personal Information Protection head Officer: Yoon Namsoon
    • Telephone: 82-2-2188-6102
    • Address: Secretary General of the Planning and Management of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, 313 Gwangmyeong-ro,Gwacheon-si,Gyeonggi-do, 13829, Korea,
    • You will be connected to the personal information protection department.
  • MMCA Personal Information Protection Officer: Jo Bonggyun
    • Telephone: 82-2-2188-6102
    • Fax: 82-2-2188-6161
    • Address: Department of Development of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, 313 Gwangmyeong-ro,Gwacheon-si,Gyeonggi-do, 13829, Korea,