2018.10.26 Gwacheon

2018 MMCA Culture Program \'The Boundary between Regularity and Irregularity\'

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2018 MMCA Culture Program
'The Boundary between Regularity and Irregularity'


Starting August 18th, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) Gwacheon will hold an audience’s participatory culture program called 〈The Boundary between Regularity and Irregularity〉 where the visitors can enjoy two and three-dimensional activities using patterns of energy-rich colors and shapes in the 'MMCA_◌'  as an education space. 


The participatory open space 'MMCA_◌' is a variable and new space that changes its form with different programs, just as the name '◌' could be seen as zero, O, circle or Korean alphabet ㅇ to different readers. The MMCA is operating the MMCA_◌ so that it may play a role as a ‘space’ having physical properties, such as a place for running programs and a resting place. Additionally, it also aims to establish the direction and concept of flexible and free space, as well as the identity as an audience’s participatory open space (MMCA_◌). To this end, the MMCA is continuously planning and operating the contents such that artistic value is provided through visitors’ subjective participation or collaboration with artists, and the outcome would be the art itself.


〈The Boundary between Regularity and Irregularity〉was planned in order that, in conjunction with the spatial properties of an ‘open space that welcomes the visitors with many different forms’, ‘MMCA_◌’ tries to aggressively change to embrace a pleasant  playground that could be completed together by the participation of visual artists and the visitors and a performance stage of the dancers and provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the arts of a variety of media. 

Vakki, the participating artist of the program, re-patterns the process of integration and disintegration of geometric shapes to express the characteristics of her art work exposing it using the visual language of repetition and rules in the ‘MMCA_◌’ space in a dynamic graphic pattern  and place it in a 3D form, so that it may turn the entire space into a ‘playground’.  This "repetition" and "rules" is revealed through a variety of media using various colors, 2D, 3D and images that are energetic and pleasant. This is actualized and dimensionalized through the performance of 'Collective A'(a special program held on September 15th~16th). The repetition and changes of minimal and geometric icons and patterns are reconstructed with the dancers' dynamic and bizarre movements, creating moving patterns.

The repetition of these geometric icons and movements can create certain rules to be structured at some point. However, as new people (audience) are drawn along the way, the patterns of the space and performance will change into something entirely new and expand to something new. When visitors move objects (such as stickers, balls, and strings) in the space and add them to the space, new layers of color and pattern emerge, and these off-beat irregular layers create a new creation. When a visitor makes an impromptu appearance on the stage, repetitive movements of the dancers will also create unexpected movements and performances, which complete〈The Boundary between Regularity and Irregularity〉. Instead of watching a performance that is already completed or watching a performance with a given scenario, the viewer proactively participates in the space of incomplete work to create space and a masterpiece. The whole space keeps on changing and moving, and so the whole space becomes 〈The Boundary between Regularity and Irregularity〉.

Visitors to the museum during 〈The Boundary between Regularity and Irregularity〉 exhibition can actively participate in completion of the space by decorating the structures installed in the space using color stickers in MMCA_◌, or by relaxing and enjoying the relaxation place decorated with props in colorful patterns from 10 am-5 pm. Visitors can complete the place by subjectively participating in the exhibition.

We would like you to take part in fun and free activities in the place made up with the patterns of new rules and order, and have a pleasant time in enjoying the new and exciting 'art games' in the museum throughout this program.    

Participating Artists
Vakki  is currently exploring media, such as installation, video, interaction, and sound and actively involved in a wide range of visual arts fields, based on graphic design. She geometrically interprets the questions about of cycle in which countless humans passing by and objects in a given orbit are created and perish to express them with the visual language of repetition and rules. She participated in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, including Berlin, New York, and Amsterdam, and has collaborated with cultural spaces, brands, and artists to express boundaries of various fields through her own delightful visual language. Currently, she is actively involved as a search captain of the fictional ‘VAVAVA Studio’, working in Seoul and Hague, Netherlands.

Collective A
Collective A was formed by a group of artists with modern dancer Cha Jin-yeop as the main member in 2012. Its main purpose was to expand Cha Jin-yeop's collaboration work experience with various artists and further develop the new art language.

They would like to explore the numerous possibilities of expanding dance by breaking down the boundaries in the art genre and breaking the boundaries of purity and impurity with the thought of ‘Some things have been there before us, but if we mix and reconstruct them in different ways, wouldn't we be able to get new experience and rediscover many things?’
They worked on various types of movies, media art, music, fashion, photos, etc. besides location-specific performances, such as ‘Rotten Apple’, ‘Miin | Body to Body’, and ‘DMZ Peace Train Festival’.

Collective A's Creative member Yoo Su-kyung will participate as a choreographer, while contemporary dancer Song Eu-seon will perform as well.

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