2021.02.17 MMCA

Notice for viewing advance reservation system after the reopening of the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul, Deoksugung)


As the government decides to resume operation of the national cultural and arts facilities located in Seoul, the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul, Deoksugung) will reopen from January 19th (Tuesday) by limiting the number of people admitted using the online advance reservation system.
■ Reopening Date: January 19, 2021 (Tuesday) 10:00
(※ Deoksugung will be reopened on February 4th (Thursday) due to exhibition preparations.)
■ Reservation schedule: Reservation acceptance starts from 14:00 on January 18, 2020 (Mon)
(※ Deoksugung reservation: from 10:00 on January 21 (Thu))
■ How to reserve: Online application (Go to Reservation )


 Number of viewers (per day)

 Number of viewers per round

 Operation round





 One day/4 rounds (2 hours a round)

 Open at night (Wed/Sat)



 One day/6 rounds (2 hours a round)





 One day/8 rounds (1 hour a round)

 Open at night (Wed/Sat)



 One day/11 rounds (1 hour a round)

 ※ Open at night (Seoul, Deoksugung)

Seoul: Wed/Sat 18:00~21:00 additional 2 rounds operation (One-and-a-half-hour a round)
Deoksugung: Wed/Sat 18:00~21:00 additional 3 rounds operation (One hour a round)

■ Inquiries
02-3701-9500 (Seoul) / 02-2188-6000 (Gwacheon)
02-2022-0600 (Deoksugung) / 043-261-1400 (Cheongju)
■ When making a reservation, please be sure to bring your ID for confirming identification.
■ It is possible to make reservations for 4 people with one person’s ID.
■ Check for fever and respiratory symptoms with a thermal camera or thermometer.
■ In the hall, you must wear a mask and use a hand sanitizer.
■ When you do not bring your ID card, fever or respiratory symptoms are confirmed, or you refuse to wear a mask, admission is restricted.