2017.03.29 Seoul

[MMCA Press Release] New Acquisitions 2013_16 Samramansang: from KIM Whanki to YANG Fudong

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New Acquisitions 2013–16 Samramansang: from KIM Whanki to YANG Fudong


13 March - 13 August 2017

MMCA Seoul (Gallery 1-5)


The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea (Director: Bartomeu Mari) is holding its first exhibition of the year, New Acquisitions 2013-16, Samramansang: From KIM Whanki to YANG Fudong, from Monday 13 March through Sunday 13 August.


Featuring a selection of artworks acquired by MMCA over the past four years, the exhibition will highlight each piece's importance in art history as well as the characteristics of each period represented.


121 of the 932 artworks collected between 2013 and 2016 will be showcased. The exhibit title Samramansang, which means "all things and all phenomena in the universe," was taken from a piece on display by Kang Ikjoong to underscore the diversity of contemporary art and the boundlessness of artists' expression, ranging from KIM Whanki's modern period works in Gallery 1 to contemporary artist YANG Fudong's works in Gallery 5.

Contrary to planned exhibitions that select artwork based on a certain theme, MMCA's upcoming exhibition builds on the sense of beauty found within each period of the collected works. The total collection embodies a coexistence of distinctive and unrestricted realms of expression and theme, rather than a single main theme. Starting with Gallery 1, which will feature Korean modern art in a chronological flow, the exhibition will look into contemporary art through a number of sub-themes in the four other galleries.


Under the theme "Samramansang," the works in Gallery 1 epitomize the roots and starting points of modern and contemporary art. Kang Ikjoong's “Samramansang” will be joined by KIM Kichang's "Quiet Listening," LEE Qoede's "Portrait of a Lady," PEN Varlen's "Portrait of the writer LEE Kiyeong" and MMCA's most expensive possession ever-KIM Whanki's "Dawn #3" - to narrate of the flow of time through Korean art, moving from figurativism and the New Realism Group to abstraction and modern ink landscape paintings.


The theme of Gallery 2 is "Daily Life." Works on display will include Kiki Smith's "Corsage," which depicts a female body; AHN Changhong's "Bed Couch 1;" and KIM Eunjin's "The Refrigerator."


The theme of Galleries 3 and 4 is "Boundary." Here, photography and media art pieces show the boundaries between the artists' realms of expression and daily life. Works will include Korea's leading media artist LEE Yongbaek's "Broken Mirror," KANG Honggoo's "Osoeri Landscapes" and YOO Hyunmi's "Cosmos series," as well as "Made In – Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar" by LEE Wan who will represent the Korean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2017.


Themed "Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest," Gallery 5 is a space where visitors can look back on the things they've lost through daily life. Well-known Chinese video artist YANG Fudong's "Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest III" and "Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest IV" will be screened to question what we are losing today and what we should pass on to the next generation.


In addition to helping visitors understand how the MMCA collects and makes use of its artworks, the upcoming exhibit will allow them to understand the flow of Korean modern and contemporary art by introducing leading artists and their works. The exhibit will run through Sunday, August 13 at MMCA Seoul.