2022.01.07 Etc

Unveiling of MMCA 2021 Line-up

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The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA, director Yun Bummo) announced its exhibition schedule for 2022 during a press conference held on Friday, January 7.


The MMCA aims to achieve the following goals in 2022: promote globally the so-called "K-art" backed by Korean wave through overseas exhibitions of Korean modern and contemporary art and joint projects with overseas art institutions, strengthen communication with society via themed exhibitions that focus on wide-ranging contemporary issues such as carbon neutrality, delivery culture, and non face-to-face era, expand the horizon of Korean contemporary art history through in-depth research on collections and genre-specific works, and firmly establish the uniqueness and creativity of Korean art through annual projects that shed light on emerging and established artists. 


First, year 2022 will be one during which MMCA focuses on making it the "first year of promoting K-art" through joint projects with overseas art institutions and organizing Korean art exhibitions in a number of other countries including but not limited to the U.S., Germany and Japan. 2022 MMCA Asia Project in dOCUMENTA Kassel 15, a new type of exhibition involving interactive installations as well as on and off line workshop at a global art event, which is the third series of MMCA's new Asia Project Initiative. The Space Between: The Modern in Korean Art, the very first exhibition to be held in the U.S. that focuses specifically on Korea's modern period of 1900~1965. Watch and Chill 2.0: Streaming Senses, an initiative that MMCA is unveiling to promote exchanges with major museums from numerous continents - Europe, Middle East, Africa - utilizing the on-line streaming platform that the museum has developed. MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2021: Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho that features representative contemporary Korean artists will be touring to 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan.


Second, MMCA will introduce to the public themed exhibitions that present an artistic insight and prospect on critical and contemporary social issues. My/your Memory, which questions what to "remember" and "mourn" through the small voices of individuals who drift through the world of transformation characterized with fuzzy boundary between reality and virtual world Art Delivery, which aims to shed light on the latest spread of delivery (logistics) culture via non-face-to-face environment in an artistic perspective and to seek an experimental expansion of the museum. MMCA Performing Arts 2022: Net Zero Museum, a multidisciplinary project involving experts from diverse fields to address the attitudes and practices of a contemporary art museum, especially in the post-pandemic era to deeply contemplate upon measures to address global issues of environment and sustainability.


Third, MMCA will hold solo and donation exhibitions that shed light on the artistic world of masters who contribute to making Korean art scene more dimensional. Moon Shin Retrospective that places Moon Shin, a South Korean sculptor based in France and Korea, at the limelight Lim Ok-sang, an exhibition that sheds light on the works of the artist spanning over four decades of his career, ranging from socially engaged artworks that the artist produced in his early career after the 1980s to more recent works that combine scenery with materials such as water, fire, soil, metal, and etc. Paik Nam June Effect, an exhibition that aims to delve into the relationship between the globalization of Korean contemporary art in the 1990s and Nam June Paik who pioneered the avant-garde video art, taking the opportunity of the reoperation of his The More, The Better.  Donated Works Exhibition of MMCA Dongsanbang Collection, an exhibition that features major works among the most recent donations of Dongsanbang Collection.


Fourth, MMCA will prepare exchange exhibitions with art institutions here at home and abroad featuring domestic and foreign masters who are recognized to be the most influential artists in the contemporary era. Hito Steyerl, Korea's first solo exhibition of Hito Steyerl, a world-renowned artist who delved deeper into acute social and cultural issues - digital era, global capitalism, pandemic - through various medium including film, video, documentary film, writings, critiques, and etc. Peter Weibel, Korea's first solo exhibition of Peter Weibel, who not only serves as the Director of Germany's ZKM Center of Art and Media, a global research institute on media art, but also an artist who has continued the critique of perception to the critique of language and media, and onto the critique of reality through experimental artistic languages developed in the 1960s and 70s including literature, philosophy, film and performance. 20th Century Chinese Art from the Collection of National Art Museum of China, an exhibition that aims to showcase the modern and contemporary artworks of China through the major collections of the National Art Museum of China (NAMoC), celebrating the 30th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between South Korea and China in 2022. 

Fifth, MMCA will present planned exhibitions that aim to seek the balance and expand the horizon of Korean contemporary art history through research on collections and specific genres. Praise of Life, an exhibition that reflects on the past century of Chaesaekhwa, or Korean polychrome paintings, that have not been absorbed as art of exhibition culture but left in the realm of our daily lives, and to look at their impact on the contemporary art scene. Dream Space, Fantasy Objects, an exhibition that delves deeper into the research of Korean contemporary design and visual culture. Masterpieces of MMCA Collection: Encounter, an exhibition that aims to expand the horizon of research on modern and contemporary art history with the encounter of MMCA's collections and recently donated works of art. MMCA Global Art Collection: To the World through Art, an exhibition designed to look at international art collections acquired between 1980s and 90s in the globalization context.


Sixth, MMCA will showcase projects that underscore the uniqueness and creative potential of Korean art by bringing to the limelight the artists' spirit of challenge as well as their experimental and creative activities that have enabled them to fiercely explore the role and value of "art" amid the rapid transformation of the environment and social system. MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2022 that provides a new opportunity for mid-career Korean artists to take another leap forward 10 Years of Korea Artist Prize: 10 Times Now, an exhibition that looks back on the past decade of MMCA's iconic award, the Korea Artist Prize. PROJECT HASHTAG 2022, an open call project of the museum, supporting all experimental projects of young artists who seek diversity, openness and expansion. MMCA Cheongju Project 2022, an exhibition that provides a platform for new and established Korean artists to experiment and produce artworks in an expansive outdoor space at MMCA Cheongju. MMCA Gwacheon Project 2022_Rooftop Garden, an exhibition that refurbishes MMCA Gwacheon's rooftop into a new artistic and ecologically in line with the characteristic of MMCA Gwacheon, "a museum that sits within nature."