2012.03.19 Gwacheon

[Press Release] ART PROJECT 2012: Communion

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ART PROJECT 2012: Communion

March 26 to 28, 2012 / at COEX(Media Center of the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit)

SEOUL KOREA 19 March, 2012 - The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea(NMOCA) is holding an exhibition titled 'Art Project 2012: Communion' at the Media Center of the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit between March 25 and 28, 2012. The exhibition will display about thirty artworks by ten artists, including 7 Korean artists (Lyu Jae-Ha, Lee Sea Hyun, Yeesookyung, Lee Yong-Baek, Chung chu-ha, Han Sungpil, Ham Kyungah) and 3 Japanese artists (Fumiko Kobayashi, Ono Tadashi, Tsubaki Noboru with Ultra Factory).

The 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, the largest forum of its kind, will be held for two days between March 26 and 27 to suggest a future direction for nuclear security policies aimed at protecting humanity from internal and external threats related to nuclear and radioactive materials. Representatives from forty-seven countries and international organizations will participate in the summit. The 'Art Project 2012: Communion' exhibition has been planned as an exploration of artists' awareness of nuclear issues and the artistic methods which can be helpful in seeking international cooperation for peace and in protecting humanity from the dangers of nuclear power, such as destruction of the natural environment, and the threat of terrorism. This exhibition, which deals with the themes of environment, peace and regeneration in depth, has attracted the voluntary participation of world-famous representative artists of Korea and Japan.

The exhibits on display at the exhibition will encompass the full breadth of visual art, including media (Lyu Jae-Ha, Lee Yong-Baek), painting (Lee Sea Hyun), pottery and performance (Yeesookyung), photography (Chung chu-ha, Ono Tadashi, Han Sungpil), embroidery (Ham Kyungah), recycled object installation (Fumiko Kobayashi), and objects (Tsubaki Noboru with Ultra Factory).

The Artist Talk program, which consists of a meeting and discussion with the artists, will be held in the Small Auditorium of the Gwacheon Main Building at 4pm on March 22 (Thu), 2012. This meeting will provide a great opportunity for visitors to the exhibition to explore the purposes of this project and the artistic intentions of the participating artists, as well as enjoying the exhibits.

At the Media Center of the Nuclear Security Summit, performances by Lee Jeong-hwa, the title holder of Important Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 27, and by a musician group, will be held on March 26 under the direction of the artist Yeesookyung.

This project will be held for four days between March 25 and 28: The events held on March 25-27 are intended for the representatives of the summit, while those held on March 28 are for the general public.